Where it Begins


I’ve been wondering what I can possibly contribute to the mass of articles out there on the current conflict. I am no political expert and I also see that there is more to anything than meets the eye, layers and layers.  So, I will focus on a theme that I believe in, one that is close to my heart – achieving inner peace, self-love and self-forgiveness. I believe that is the very first step to achieving broader peace in the world.

Real inner love is no simple task. It’s a battlefield. It is said “love your neighbor as you love yourself” but what if you don’t really love yourself? Yip, without self-love there’s no hope and chance of loving another, let alone those that are “different” to us. We live in a time where so many suffer from shaky self-esteem, where we are our own worst enemies, where our thoughts, judgments and criticisms are what shoot us down constantly.

But we are imperfect beings with imperfect lives, “victims of victims”, just doing our best. Yes, let’s strive to improve where we can, but also to be gentle and kind and loving and so compassionate as we go about moulding and refining ourselves. Let’s focus on our strengths. Let’s see our potential. Let’s love ourselves fundamentally even when we mess up. This is where it starts. Perhaps this is how we can begin to remember our humanity, and then to radiate love outwards and outwards and outwards.

May we be blessed with so much clarity and truth and know lasting peace in the entire world right now.

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