Unstitching what we Know


How committed are we to truth?

Our deepest knowledge and beliefs about the world dictate every area of life. And how sad and dead-like we are if we live ruled by dogmas and ideas that are untrue even if their intentions were pure or partially pure when they were created, and how much worse if they were brought into the world with an agenda, and are false.

We are people and we are filled with ego. And we need to constantly be vigilant that ego hasn’t snuck in through the back door, even when it’s in the name of noble qualities like justice, fairness, saving the world and love. I see how in the name of these noble qualities, many of us never budge from what we have already made up our minds about. We close ourselves off to the possibility of change, to the arrival of truth.

We may hear a cry within that maybe, just maybe, things we once thought to be absolutely true don’t quite add up or don’t feel quite right, but scared, we push that thought down and continue on the “safer” path.  And we can live our whole life a lie.

So what can we do?

I cannot undo everything that I have seen and understood from my world that I knew growing up and even today, with some of the falsehoods I have learnt and deeply internalized.

But I can continue to try to unstitch them little by little and look at what’s there; look at the beliefs that are governing my life and see if they could possibly be false? And if just the possibility exists, I need to nudge myself (often) to try to truly be open to truth, no matter how tough it may seem to go back on what we base everything on. And then to steam toward truth fearlessly.

Because, ultimately we live, and before we know it, we die, and all that can matter is having lived the most meaningful, connected to truth kind of life. And I hope we all do, and that it’s beautiful.

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