The Struggle

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Everyone is struggling.We are all human. People with picture perfect lives surprise you by confessing. People from “idyllic” childhoods have their share too. There‚Äôs no avoiding it or running away, though we may try in the form of distraction, or pushing it down and down and down until it pops up with force.

I see more and more that my years of running away from my struggles did not get me far. That my quest to live with meaning years ago was superficial and hedonistic and that although I resisted it at first, I simply had to delve and dive into my past and my darkness and my struggles.

But, I also see more and more that struggle is okay, and even the point. Therein lies the gem and the light. When in struggle, I am not supposed to be in some other place doing something far more important or living my perfect dream life. Instead, my mission is to be right there with the struggle and pain so closely, feeling it burn its way through me. And then, relief and release

Not to say that we should not be aspiring to be great and moulding and refining ourselves and giving our best to the world. But, perhaps we can hold both balls at the same time. In the one hand, an acceptance of our challenges, imperfections, limitations and struggles. And in the other, a movement toward who we really are.

May we find sweetness and peace and comfort in our struggles and although it is not easy, know that they are a beautiful gift that comes disguised.


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