The Lies we Tell Ourselves


That what we think, say and do does not make a difference to the world.

That it’s okay to do something as long as nobody gets hurt in the process.

That we are better than them.

That we are open minded and not mere by-products of what we have ever been exposed to.

That everything is what it seems.

That we are invincible.

That fear and adrenaline keeps us safe.

That there is no other side to the story.

That something is for certain.

That we are not good enough.

That one small step in the right direction is a waste of time.

That we can’t stop for a second.

That we should not dream big.

That we do not have choice.

That what we expect is what we will get.

That the grass is greener on the other side.

That every breath is not an amazing gift.

That we are not unbelievably blessed to be alive.

That we are in control.

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