The Flash


Someone shared with me a Jewish teaching that compares the feeling of the duration of your life to the amount of time it takes an eagle with outspread wings to fly over you.

34 years old, I realize that I am not considered objectively old. But I get the feeling that whether it be 34 or 84, life just knows how to leave us feeling that it has whizzed by. It’s what life specializes in. And us poor folk enable it to do its job so well by living out our days with buckets on our heads, lost in our minds in the future and in the past.

I chatted to a dear friend a few days ago, who has lived an alternate reality to mine for the past decade. Where in the world do you begin and what do you share? I went with the easier, quicker and safer hindsight positive review of the years, rather than going into the grittiness of the day to day along the journey that we didn’t get to live together.

As I spoke I felt sad and judgmental that there was indeed grit and that many of my challenges back then are still around. But when I got off the phone and my emotions settled down, I knew that somewhere in that blurry blur of time, life was both gritty and also beautiful and although more routine would have helped mark the time period more, I am at peace that I have faced myself and life in the eyes during this time.

In a year and beyond, life will probably feel like a flash. Along the journey, however, may we feel presence and connection in each moment, and strive to claim and own time and thus be at peace with the flash when we look back.

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