Thank you Amy

Amy Mcknight

All that we need is to do what we love, to love and be loved. Clean water, simple food and a roof over our head.

Thank you Amy. For reminding of me of what I know and what I love. For a taste of long-forgotten authenticity, integrity, simplicity, music, meaningful lyrics. Somewhere along the line I got confused. But when I see people coming together to share music, and I see things recycled and reused, I am energized.

I want to be conscious. I want to be thoughtful. I don’t want to waste. I want to be satisfied. I want to be grateful. I want to be humble. To master patience.  To cook with thought and creativity. Dance. Soak in the music. Soak in the sea. And most of all write with all my heart. Do the thing that I was sent here to do. And inspire others to do so too. 

Listen to: Don’t Move Slow by Amy Mcknight.

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