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The Struggle

Everyone is struggling.We are all human. People with picture perfect lives surprise you by confessing. People from “idyllic” childhoods have their share too. There’s no avoiding it or running away, though we may try in the form of distraction, or … Continue reading

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Who is that?

I catch glimpses of myself in the mirror and a vaguely familiar face peers quizzically back at me. I suddenly look more serious, less feminine, and older. And yes, the stereotypes creep in as I think to myself who is … Continue reading

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“Happy to have Disagreed with You”

“Happy to have disagreed with you,” the sweet, softly spoken man said as he went on his way. He seemed sincerely happy to have shared views with a woman with opposing ideas. Happy and disagree don’t often co-habit together but … Continue reading

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Through my Eyes

How do we open to the possibility that perhaps we are not right? That we are subject to our own very special and subjective subjectivity. That everything we believe comes from somewhere and needs constant evaluation. We have been so … Continue reading

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