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Can You Love Me Today?

I lie here under the covers though over there, just outside my bedroom window, the day is sunny and goes on as usual. My body is weary and motionless, though my mind is moving quickly and frantically; almost in a … Continue reading

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Sleep While You Can

The best advice I never listened to was to sleep when my baby sleeps. As someone who resists sleep in favour of doing (anything) and regards sleep as a guilty pleasure rather than a vital need, I simply could not … Continue reading

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Somebody That I Used To Know

I should be sleeping. But instead I’m eating cornflakes, dancing inside and killing this song. Alive. Delirious. Shivering. Alight. Overtired and energized. Somebody that I used to know. I want to be wise. I want to be good. I want … Continue reading

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My Village

They say that a baby is raised in a village. I see the scene before me. The mother nurtured back to health after her primal home birth by a community of doting mothers and aunties and grandmothers who sit around … Continue reading

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One hour earlier

The biggest challenges can be changing something simple just a bit. One of the things that would transform my life is going to bed earlier; just one hour would do the trick. I am up a few times a night … Continue reading

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Wellness: Seasons are Changing – 9 Qs to Ask Yourself

Simple things to consider before racing to supplement. Continue reading

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