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What My Fruit Diet Taught Me

Also featured on chabad.org I have always loved fruit. I remember being filled with delight and excitement when the fruit truck would arrive outside our house in South Africa, filled with boxes of the most luscious African fruits of the … Continue reading

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No Place to Stick

Growing up, I valued the idea of saying your piece. To not hold things in and be walked all over, but to defend yourself if need be and not let anybody treat you badly. This was a result of watching … Continue reading

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Thank you Amy

All that we need is to do what we love, to love and be loved. Clean water, simple food and a roof over our head. Thank you Amy. For reminding of me of what I know and what I love. … Continue reading

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As Is

Desperate for a shift. For routine, structure, movement, balance, normalcy, creativity, support and air. Yet, with all my conscientious efforts to create this, here I am stuck at a dead end. And no signs, which makes it hard for me … Continue reading

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Her Little Straw Hat

A few years ago, sitting on a step in rustic Madagascar waiting for my husband, Danny to check his email at the “Internet Cafe”, I momentarily managed to pin down my twirling thoughts (of wanting to get back to our … Continue reading

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