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On Our Side

Can we treat our needs as sacred? Can we embrace our needs without feeling guilty and without a need to justify them? I’ve often heard the idea that as a mom, if I get a babysitter more, I will ultimately … Continue reading

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It’s Not about Me

I heard a magnificent thing said by a friend about to get married. For many years, she had prayed to find her soul mate, and eventually, after years of trying she was at peace with the possibility that she may remain … Continue reading

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Who is that?

I catch glimpses of myself in the mirror and a vaguely familiar face peers quizzically back at me. I suddenly look more serious, less feminine, and older. And yes, the stereotypes creep in as I think to myself who is … Continue reading

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Hindsight Now

“Keep them safe and keep me sane” is the prayer that I mutter madly to myself as I hand my girls over with relief to the babysitter. These days I’m bursting for space, and to write. To concretize and share … Continue reading

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Right Now

As I attempt to march “onwards and upwards” (see recent blog post) I decided to google the magazine editor who once used the phrase and thus inspired  our current need to find a new home in just a few days. … Continue reading

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Where it Begins

I’ve been wondering what I can possibly contribute to the mass of articles out there on the current conflict. I am no political expert and I also see that there is more to anything than meets the eye, layers and … Continue reading

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Onwards and Upwards

Some people’s expressions stay with you for a life time. My mathematics teacher Ms Stageman framed her lessons with a warm and smiley “never to panic”, and my friends and I would quip “never to panic” almost in unison for … Continue reading

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I am grateful to have the luxury of trying to find and create a home that we love, beyond just four walls and a roof. Though I want to share what we’ve learned along the way, it is with the … Continue reading

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The Kindness of Strangers

I am in awe of the kindness of strangers. Nearly the one year anniversary since Noa’s heart surgery, and we all, including Noa, look back on that experience with feelings of immense happiness. Sure, the days leading up to surgery, … Continue reading

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“There’s no safe way to be bold and live your dreams,” I wrote to myself this morning. “In every choice, we are either moving toward love or fear.” I know fear and worry. It’s my default mindset and stance. But … Continue reading

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