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Unnecessary Apologies

A moment of awkwardness as I explain away the fact that unlike what I expect they expect, she does not like to be held. I fumble an apology feeling like in some way it must be something I did wrong … Continue reading

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She says Bye. Bye Bye.

She says bye. Bye Bye. We named her Noa because we liked the sound, we liked the feel. We named her Tziporrah (bird in Hebrew) after Danny’s late grandmother Feige (bird in Yiddish). It was not conscious at the time, … Continue reading

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Paradox of Strength

The weak need to pretend to be strong. The strong are comfortable being weak and accepting help when necessary. As she said these simple words, I was startled for a moment by their truth. Here I was trying to use … Continue reading

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About Time

Things take a long time to mature within me, and sometimes they never quite do, and need a little push and nudge. What I would do without deadlines? Though I have tendencies to stretch  them to just beyond their limits, … Continue reading

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Finding wholeness

Many people, maybe even most of us, walk around feeling a little incomplete at times. Perhaps the one too many fairytale ending Hollywood films embeds in us the belief that a magical “out-there” solution exists in the form of a … Continue reading

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Butter & Marmite on Brown Bread

What I loved most about the many pets in my life was their peculiarities – for example, my Maltese Poodle’s love of the butter and marmite on brown bread combination and my Samoyed’s need to lie on the couch spread-eagled … Continue reading

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