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Right Now

As I attempt to march “onwards and upwards” (see recent blog post) I decided to google the magazine editor who once used the phrase and thus inspired  our current need to find a new home in just a few days. … Continue reading

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I am grateful to have the luxury of trying to find and create a home that we love, beyond just four walls and a roof. Though I want to share what we’ve learned along the way, it is with the … Continue reading

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More loads, more love

The more you give the more you love. That’s why in general parents simply love their children more than the other way round. This morning as I doted on my 3 month old baby – combing out her cradle cap, … Continue reading

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Dear Noa

Dear Noa, What a 2 years and nearly 10 months it’s been. You, the quintessential first child and I, the classic A-type personality first-time mother. Throw in some unusual tailor-made challenges like your corrective heart surgery in Boston and we … Continue reading

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Where are our Roots?

My aspirations rest in the air over there. Though I dreamed of beyond, it is there where the longing was at its most heady. I would drive and drive and the weather and scents of my childhood – sweet mowed … Continue reading

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