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Three Years On: Finding the Thank You

Chunks of time roll by without me even thinking to say thank you, without me remembering or acknowledging the gift of three years ago. Yet, back then, when I was in the rush of the moment and felt the awareness … Continue reading

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What My Fruit Diet Taught Me

Also featured on chabad.org I have always loved fruit. I remember being filled with delight and excitement when the fruit truck would arrive outside our house in South Africa, filled with boxes of the most luscious African fruits of the … Continue reading

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We are all Going to Die

We are all going to die. Though I believe that we do not die before our time is up. Nor do we go through things that we are not supposed to go through. So that’s what I believe, on the … Continue reading

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Light of Empowerment

Being a victim comes with a heavy price. It almost never works for long to get people on your side and somehow has the opposite effect. The very people one intends to arouse sympathy from almost always pull further away. … Continue reading

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hindsight, foresight and insight

One powerful way of learning to appreciate what we have is to think how we would view and perceive our life if G-d forbid something bad had to happen. Things can change in an instant for better or worse, and … Continue reading

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There is so much we overlook in life on a momentary daily basis. We fail to notice the little miracles at every turn and get stuck inside our heads and lives. Life itself is taken for granted, and we go … Continue reading

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Her Little Straw Hat

A few years ago, sitting on a step in rustic Madagascar waiting for my husband, Danny to check his email at the “Internet Cafe”, I momentarily managed to pin down my twirling thoughts (of wanting to get back to our … Continue reading

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