Wellness: Seasons are Changing – 9 Qs to Ask Yourself

It’s change of season time – and recommended to strengthen our immune systems.

I haven’t had the opportunity of late to devour my usual health and wellness magazines and find out the latest findings, tips, and Superfoods.

Which gets me thinking that there are basic fundamentals to being healthy that we often overlook, and make a good place to start. So consider the questions below, and make some basic changes, before racing off to supplement:

  • Are you getting enough sleep? Research shows that at least seven hours a night are necessary for optimal functioning.
  • Could you be dehydrated? It is so simple and cleansing to drink at least eight glasses of clean water a day. Remember that coffee, tea and alcohol all further dehydrate us and it’s important to compensate.
  • Eating on the run? Just ten extra minutes a meal can allow you to chew slowly and breathe as you eat which makes all the difference to digestion and well-being. It is recommended to wait at least one hour before drinking after a meal.
  • Breathing. Have you forgotten to breathe again? We all hold our breath to varying degrees in life’s stress-provoking situations. Get in the habit of taking a few conscious breaths through your nose a few times a day to get your body functioning better. Exhaling longer than you inhale activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which calms our taxed adrenals.
  • Spend far too much time indoors in front of the PC and/ or TV? Stretch your body, get some fresh air and reconnect with nature. Walk barefoot on grass, sit on a rock and if you’re fortunate enough, dip your toes in the sea.
  • Are you getting enough exercise? Simply find something you love doing and get moving. A little walk, swim or dance is so good not only for our circulation but for our whole body, mind and mood.
  • Does the food you eat make you feel good? Close your eyes after you eat and pay attention to any physical sensations. An effective way to infuse vitamins and minerals into your diet is to add more raw fruit and vegetables, preferably organically grown, seasonal or local. Look out for recipes soon.
  • Know anything about the ingredients in the cosmetic products you’re using? Our skin absorbs 64% of what we place on it so go for the most natural alternatives that still produce the results you’re after.
  • Balance. A little bit of everything can be good for you so make sure you’re listening to yourself and what you need from moment to moment. Since we spend most of our time working and being responsible, make sure to find at least a little time to laugh and play.


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