Spotting Cats

Life is so much more fun when we are good to ourselves. I have spent the greater part of this year nurturing my 8 month old baby, Noa, and meeting her needs. But yet I neglect my own and almost don’t know how to go about giving the same gentle love inward.

Those who care wholeheartedly for another can learn how to care for themselves. The adage that one cannot care for another on an empty tank is true. It’s vital to fill up your tank. Listen. Do something small for yourself that you wish someone would do for you.

Care for your little child inside the way you would for your other. Pick yourself up when you’re crying and sing to, rock and kiss yourself gently on your cheeks and eyes. Play your favourite music. Make yourself laugh – it’s often not that serious. When you do something well, like standing when all you want to do is sit or sleep, cheer yourself on. Play with your food – explore the tastes and textures. Eat with your hands. Splash in your bath.

Spend time playing with your favourite toy or on your favourite activity. The amount of absolute joy that Noa gets when spotting cats (in no short supply in Jerusalem) reminds us of the power of the simple to really delight. Transform your days.

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