Shriek. Spit. Squeal. Stretch.

Babies have a lot to teach us. Beings of no pretense, what you see is what you get. If they’re unimpressed or delighted, you know. There’s no need to doubt or second guess or think too much. Things are what they appear. Simplicity.

They also provide endless insight into base human nature.

The importance of setting goals that are realistic but also fun and challenging. Place the block too close and they’re bored. Place the block too far and they don’t even attempt to grab it. But place that block just the right distance away, and they’ll stretch, bounce, bump, and fling themselves toward it with vigour.

The grass is always greener on the other side. And this starts early. Held by me, baby wants dad. Held by dad, baby wants me. It’s laughable and cute, but as we get older, a little sad. For what we have is what we need and where we are is where we need to be. Sometimes the grass is indeed greener but more often than not, we find ourselves on the other side, wishing and longing for the place where we started.

And then of course babes simply remind us of the beauty in not holding anything in, playing, laughing, seeing the world through eyes of wonder, babbling, rolling, kicking, crying, giggling, present-ness, shrieking, spitting, squealing and the simple pleasure in stretching.

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