Right Side Up


We live in a broken and upside down world. Suddenly, my personal sense of safety feels more under threat and I am reminded of this. Even when all is “well” for me, there are many millions of people living in suffering in conflict and war and poverty beyond my bubble. What can help?

One thing: we have to know who we are and what our thing is, and focus on that. The rest belongs to someone else.

For example, I can use my way with words and write, even if it stirs just one heart.  But, work in a hospital? Me? No; it is not my thing. I leave that to someone else.  I leave that to someone else so I can be free to write and bring light and truth into the world through that. I learnt this lesson a while back when I muddled about trying to do a kindness that was not right for me and I found myself too undone to do anything for anybody.

I have to work at being the best me within my current realm of free choice. Only I know where I can do better.  Only I know that I could have exercised more discipline and held that remark back about someone else. I could have refrained from bargaining with that vendor who probably needs the money. My consciousness knows that there are more important things than getting a good deal. I can give to charity with a lighter heart, because really it could be me on the other side, and I am blessed right now to be on this side of giving. This is where my area of influence lies, how I can make the world a bit sweeter in small and big, direct and indirect ways.

As we all go about fixing our piece of this world, and do our thing with love and vigor, perhaps the world be turned right side up?

May we remember our shared humanity always. May all of our basic needs be met and may we be safe.

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