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Photo by: Sias van Schalkwyk

Photo by: Sias van Schalkwyk

As I attempt to march “onwards and upwards” (see recent blog post) I decided to google the magazine editor who once used the phrase and thus inspired  our current need to find a new home in just a few days. I found a video clip of her earnestly discussing what she looks for when judging the Miss South Africa beauty pageant. It made me smile at first, at a far-away world where people actually take beauty pageants seriously.

But something stood out. She mentioned that she always asks candidates what they plan to do should they win Miss South Africa. If they answer that they plan to work with the handicapped, for example, she follows up with a “well, what are you doing to work with the handicapped right now?”

Love it. Many of us have plans and dreams that we put on hold if only this and that were in place and for one day, when our lives are more in order. But since the only moment that exists is this one, there is something so right about choosing to live your dream now. Things may never be “perfect” enough to start. We have to just do from where we are.

Right now we’re looking for a new home to move to, and in this light I’ve considered what I would do more of if I lived in a home that speaks to me with a sweet, supportive work space. One of the things I hope I’d do more of is to write. So here I am.

What would you do if you inherited a million dollars, got married, found your dream job, had more energy, lived in your dream home (fill in the blanks)? Would you travel, volunteer, open a soup kitchen, give more charity, turn off your cellphone and pay attention to your child (fill in the blanks)? Whatever that thing is, do it, right now.

May we all be blessed to be in touch with our mission, the something that only we can do, and in so doing may we truly transform the world.


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