Chabad.org, February 2016: Turning a Lack of Sleep (Due to Little Feet) into a Life Lesson

FYI, December 2016: Yours to Discover – Jerusalem Travel Guide

FYI Children’s Magazine, December 2016: How to be a Great Host

FYI Children’s Magazine, November 2016: How to Pack Your Own School Lunch

FYI, October 2016: Beginner’s Guide to Wines and Wine Pairing

FYI Children’s Magazine, October 2016: How to be a Great Guest

FYI Children’s Magazine, September 2016: Organizing Your Desk and Backpack

Chabad.org, August 2016: What  did When I was Verbally Assaulted

Chabad.org, August 2016: I’ve Sinned. Now what?

FYI Children’s Magazine, August 2016: Standing Up for Yourself

Jerusalem Post, July 2016: Raw Food: Passing Fad or Here to Stay

FYI Magazine, July 2016: Battling and Building Self-Image

FYI Magazine, June 2016: Clean Your Closet: 11 things you can finally get rid of

FYI Magazine, 11 Houseplant Hacks (and tips for those that lack a green thumb)

FYI Magazine, April 2016, Keep it or Toss it

FYI Magazine, January 2016, Jew in the City

Chabad.org, January 2016, What my New Fruit Diet Taught Me

Kveller.com, January 2016, I went away for a Night by Myself. This is What Happened

Chabad.org, December 2015, Finding G-d

FYI Magazine, December 2015, Take a Break: Create a Spa-like Atmosphere in Your Home

FYI Magazine, December 2015: Build a Child, Build a World

Chabad.org, November 2015, Do I Say my Piece or Take the High Road?

FYI Magazine, November 2015, Opening Worlds

FYI Magazine, November 2015, Nine Ways to Feed Picky Eaters

Chabad.org, September 2015, Turn the Volume Down: How to Deal with the Inner Critic

FYI Magazine, September 2015, How to Ace an Interview

FYI Magazine, September 2015, Going the Extra Mile

Chabad.org, August 2015, Grinning at G-d: Thoughts on my Daughter’s Heart Surgery

FYI Magazine, July 2015, Take a Break: How to Pamper Yourself this Month

Jpost Online, Voices of Jerusalem: Innovative Ima

Jpost Online, Voices of Jerusalem: Design for Life

Jpost Online, Voices of Jerusalem: Theatrical Threads

Jpost Online, Top 5s in Jerusalem: list of articles

Jpost Online, Voices of Jerusalem: Current Contemplations

Jpost Online, Voices of Jerusalem: Ciao Bella Jerusalem

Jpost Online, Voices of Jerusalem: Holy City Tango

Jpost Online, Voices of Jerusalem: Wild About Fish

Jpost Online, Voices of Jerusalem: Mind over Matter

Jpost Online, Voices of Jerusalem: Visionary with Verve

Jpost Online, Voices of Jerusalem: Spaghetti King

Jpost Online, Voices of Jerusalem: Wild about Wine

Jpost Online, Voices of Jerusalem: Good Coffee, Good Conversation

Jpost Online, Voices of Jerusalem: Bohemian Baristas

Jpost Online, Voices of Jerusalem: The Nuts and Bolts of Life

Jpost Online, Voices of Jerusalem: Taste it Through the Grapevine

Jpost Online, Voices of Jerusalem: Cooperation through Coffee

Jpost Online, Voices of Jerusalem: Wholesome & Happy

Jpost Online, Voices of Jerusalem: Cool, colorful & quirky

Jpost Online, Voices of Jerusalem: Bold, bright & beautiful

Jpost Online, Voices of Jerusalem: Vying for Vegetarianism

Jpost Online, The best in Jazz and World Music

Jpost Online, Pure Jazz in the Capital

Jpost Online, Life, Energy & Heathy Choices

Jpost Online, Mix your way to becoming a Moroccan ‘Master Chef’

Jpost Online, Slihot tour through the lens of Agnon’s ‘Tehilla’

Marie Claire, select handful of articles 2002 – 2o03

Marie Claire, “Coping With Failure”

Marie Claire, “Asking for a Raise”

Marie Claire, “Destress Your Workplace”

Marie Claire, “How to Handle his Ex”

Marie Claire, “7 Ways To Stretch Your Money”

Marie Claire, “I Knew I Was In Love When…”

Marie Claire, “How to Handle a Restaurant Date”

Marie Claire, “Careers: The Secret of My Success”

Marie Claire, “Meeting The Folks”

Marie Claire, “My Home Alone Secret”

Marie Claire, “Careers: Optimise Your Time”

NW Magazine, January 2004, “Lucky Breaks”

Upside Magazine, Mid 2004, “Clowning Around”

Woman & Home, September 2008, “Do Your Own Thing”

DK Eyewitness Travel Guide (Penguin Books) South Africa: Shopping In Cape Town (more examples available)

Natural Medicine Magazine “Hair Colour Worth Dyeing For?” (remainder of article available)

Example of PR/ Marketing Writing: Opinion piece for Event Production Company on Experiential Marketing (more examples available)

Woman & Home, September 2008, “New Directions: We Made it Work for Both of Us”

Woman & Home, September 2008, “Women Who Set The Trends: Communications”

Woman & Home, October 2008 “You can Count on Me”

Woman & Home, October 2008 “Living with Breast Cancer”

Woman & Home, October 2008, “Fabulous at 60″

Woman & Home, October 2008, “New Directions: Life Lessons Made Us Entrepreneurs”

Woman & Home, November 2008, part 1

Woman & Home, November 2008, part 2

Woman & Home, December 2008, “Gifts that Give Back”

Woman & Home, December 2008, “Christmas Memories”

Woman & Home, December 2008, “I Turned a Passion into a Business”

Woman & Home, December 2oo8, “My kind of Christmas”

Woman & Home, January 2009,”My first piano performance”

Woman & Home, February 2009 “My first surf”

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