Ola-oi,” she shrieks sweetly but firmly in demand. Only a mom could know that that means olive oil. And that she wants lots of it.

As she says it, I find myself wondering when she will say olive oil in the “proper way” and how her speech will evolve. I find myself feeling a little impatient and also simultaneously aware of the absurdity.

For we never arrive, right? When we do, we’re onto the next and the next. Though it doesn’t always feel like it, so much of the pleasure of life is absolutely in the journey. It’s in the feeling of want and yearning palpable in our chests.

As I go about looking for work, and await the day my olive oil obsessed daughter enters the big world of nursery school, I am reminding myself to enjoy and savor the process, with the dirty laundry and aching glands and challenges of day to day life. Right now is where it is at.

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