Me. You. me and you.

There are some people in life who think mainly about others. Others mainly about themselves. And then the quadrant within which most people float – trying to find a balance between their needs and those of others.

I am privileged to have a truly other-focused individual in my life, someone who lives to do the right thing and make a difference. Someone who works for little money giving masses of people the utterly precious gift of speech and hearing. Someone who never makes you feel one of many. Who always has time to listen despite being the busiest person I know. Someone who is there to laugh, rant and rave, cry, advise and just be.

To have her in my life is a lesson. How she grabs hold of life and your hand and doesn’t let go despite exhaustion, migraines, deadlines, responsibilities, backache, robberies, floods and the death of a loved one. And to be at the receiving end of her dedication is a gift. Her decision to come be with me before Noa’s birth last year reinforced for me the kind of person and friend I want to be. You can always look for reasons “why not to”, and especially in her case after a year fraught with challenges, but she focused on the “reasons to” and blessed me so brilliantly with her presence.

My friend has her priorities clear. And lives by them.  My only wish is that she’d put herself higher on her priority list. And similarly for the rest of us who are floating, may we stretch a little more toward the healthiest  balance between self and others.

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