Let’s Play


Have you ever noticed that when you are trying to make choices in alignment with your soul, a major test comes along right before the thing worth waiting for?

Usually it’s something that looks good in theory but yet doesn’t feel quite right, and thus forces our intuition, conviction, endurance and patience to be tested. We are required to act on faith whilst in the darkness; to believe boldly in abundance and synchronicity.

And we need to be firm in saying no, in order to say yes to that other something that’s grinning gleefully, just barely concealed and bursting with excitement to make its grand appearance. The something is begging for us to listen and honor our soul voice within and just wants us to move toward it.

This happens in every sphere of life time and time again. I saw it in the unhealthy relationship I had before I met my husband that I chose to get out of and then to reassess my values. I saw it in the home that appeared great when house hunting but yet didn’t feel right. So much makes sense in hindsight, right? But when you’re walking in the dark, trying to clutch onto your faith in the moment, it takes a lot of courage.

Right now, as I grope around looking for work, bored and uninspired by what comes my way, I am calling upon the right work, the sweet and fulfilling and connected to my highest purpose kind that I’m salivating for, to jump out from where you’re hiding. I pray that I can be worthy of you. I do not want to settle or be tempted to veer off toward pragmatism. Please, I want to meet you, I want to be face to face with you, I want to get to know you. I want to pour what I have to give into you.

Jump out. Let’s play. Let’s do this. Let’s move forward together.

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