Just one more

Just one more? Not true. Catch yourself in the moment, and be straight with yourself that it won’t just be one slice of chocolate unfortunately, it will be half a cake or more and you will feel worse for it. That one drink will be several more and yes, you will feel hung-over tomorrow for that early wake-up. And no, it won’t take a few minutes; it often turns into a few wasted hours.

Addictions. Vices. We all, to varying degrees,  have something in our life that does not serve us, that takes up too much of our time or energy, is unconstructive and stops us from doing  what we could be doing with our lives.

In the areas where you’re struggling, don’t even start. Don’t deceive yourself as to why a little bit is okay. A little bit is never a little bit. “Just one more” is just one more lie you tell yourself.  Look yourself in the eye and be real. You deserve it. And if you do start, simply stop. And move on.

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