I Can Breathe


In my little corner of the city where I live, right now, I can choose to exhale. For this moment at least, I can let go and breathe it all out long and slowly. And hope that like laughter is contagious, it will be felt and will shift this kind of collective holding of the breath that I feel as I walk through the streets.

I want to live a long life. But holding my breath and living in my mind are more akin to death than life if you ask me. It’s my default way of being, and so I am latching onto the environment around me that supports this right now. But it’s not helpful to me or the world at large

I have a choice. I can choose not to over-check Facebook and I can choose what to fill my mind with; whether to concoct fantasy fears or to simply bring awareness to my breath and my body, and fully present myself to the present. When I show up in the now, and savor my blessings, the now feels gloriously long and sweet and connected. Then, I am in life. I am alive.

I cannot control the future. I have no way of knowing if I will make it through today, or any day, in this city or another. I am not G-d.

But I can consider: how do I impact on the world? How can I bring G-d’s light through me today? How can I help bring peace? How do I attain inner peace, that all-too important starting point? So often it eludes me.

So I write this little piece, catch my breath, hold onto this moment and exhale.


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