Humility and Greatness

blossomThere’s no time to waste,” I hear my good friend say, as she goes about her mission. When you live in sync with what you’re supposed to do, a number of things take place.

You do. You move. You don’t expend any time or worry on perfection since in the obsession for perfection ego can be found.

You also worry less about what people will think of you. I think of my shy and private friend who is transformed when on her holy mission.  I know that I feel uncertain, silly and exposed sharing my writing in a public way at times, especially when it’s close to my heart. “Is it good enough?” I wonder. “Should I put it out there?” “Will anyone read it?” “Is it original?” “Will I look stupid?” And when I do post, I try not to say too much about it. After all I learned at an early age that it’s safer to act cool and indifferent. But here’s the thing. Honesty has to happen. Not bringing into the light what you yearn to share and/or denying your greatness is not humility nor is it truth.  It is withholding from the world. And that is about ego.

When you do your thing, you know that it is not about you. You get yourself out the way, become a vessel for what needs to come through, and in so doing become transformed into your big self. I love the quote by Jackson Pollack included in the book “The Artist’s Way”: “The painting has a life of its own. I try to let it come through.”

I think also of the Jewish leader, Moshe who was known for his outstanding humility yet understood his greatness well and acted accordingly. This article on sums it up.

“True humility is not a result of an undervaluation of one’s talents and accomplishments. Such is a false humility, for it is built on a false foundation. Rather, the truly humble individual is keenly aware of all his strengths and qualities—but simultaneously recognizes that all these talents are G‑d-given, and therefore do not constitute a reason to feel superior to another whom G‑d has not bequeathed such talents. “Perhaps,” the humble person thinks, “if that person had been blessed with the same gifts, he would have accomplished the same as me—or perhaps even more!”…Many confuse humility with meekness. In truth, the humble person is very driven and will not stomach any opposition. But he is not driven by his own ego; he is driven by a desire to implement the Divine plan.”

Let’s make it our mission to be clear on our mission, and then go for it – step by step.




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