“Happy to have Disagreed with You”

Morning Glory

Photo by: Michael Smolla

Happy to have disagreed with you,” the sweet, softly spoken man said as he went on his way. He seemed sincerely happy to have shared views with a woman with opposing ideas. Happy and disagree don’t often co-habit together but how rare and lovely. The woman he was chatting to on the other hand walked away looking flustered, vehement, closed and worked up. A more familiar sight, and a feeling I can relate to after heated discussions.

But, what is this need to be right? Really what we need is to be okay with not being right. To quiet ourselves down so we can make room for another. To be able to listen to what another says without busying ourselves compiling a reply mid conversation. To hear truth within; to see truth when it appears before us. To stop this tape in our minds that churns a narrative from long long ago; a narrative that we cling to and identify with. To pause and be with what is. To open ourselves to really learning, even when the learning turns our entire life and everything we base our life on on its head. Not simple, not easy. We were born with fierce egos.

“You can either be right or you can be happy,” quotes a wise friend. It is okay to be wrong. Nothing is for certain anyway in this complicated and beautiful thing called life.

I believe that G-d and life is whispering to us all the time. There are non-stop signs nudging us toward truth. But we need to shut up so we can hear. May we all be at peace and even celebrate our diversity and differences. To listen is to be alive.

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