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The Dance of Life

My day to day life is a dance that pendulates between fear and love. I am simultaneously so brave and yet so tremendously afraid. And, I do better in the big than in the nitty gritty small. I have the … Continue reading

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Thank you Amy

All that we need is to do what we love, to love and be loved. Clean water, simple food and a roof over our head. Thank you Amy. For reminding of me of what I know and what I love. … Continue reading

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Somebody That I Used To Know

I should be sleeping. But instead I’m eating cornflakes, dancing inside and killing this song. Alive. Delirious. Shivering. Alight. Overtired and energized. Somebody that I used to know. I want to be wise. I want to be good. I want … Continue reading

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Where did she go?

Turn the music on. Turn the volume up of soul. Live with soundtrack, for that’s the only way it makes sense. The good, the bad, the pretty and ugly all become beautiful. The sounds render the madness of life beautiful. … Continue reading

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Where are our Roots?

My aspirations rest in the air over there. Though I dreamed of beyond, it is there where the longing was at its most heady. I would drive and drive and the weather and scents of my childhood – sweet mowed … Continue reading

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For me, finding a new song is discovering an enchanting new reality. I’m not taking about any song but one that naturally takes you to a million places and colours and lights and tastes within. The kind of song that … Continue reading

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Before leaving Joburg to come live in Jerusalem, whilst sorting through my endless cut-outs, papers, printouts, letters and journals, I stumbled across group emails I sent from London about six years ago. I was taken aback by how unabashed, raw and … Continue reading

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