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I Can Breathe

In my little corner of the city where I live, right now, I can choose to exhale. For this moment at least, I can let go and breathe it all out long and slowly. And hope that like laughter is … Continue reading

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Chewy, almost nothingness

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about my childhood food. And so I sit and write with a bowl of salty homemade popcorn, just the way I used to make it growing up. It’s the simple foods I long for … Continue reading

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Where are our Roots?

My aspirations rest in the air over there. Though I dreamed of beyond, it is there where the longing was at its most heady. I would drive and drive and the weather and scents of my childhood – sweet mowed … Continue reading

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Before leaving Joburg to come live in Jerusalem, whilst sorting through my endless cut-outs, papers, printouts, letters and journals, I stumbled across group emails I sent from London about six years ago. I was taken aback by how unabashed, raw and … Continue reading

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