Before leaving Joburg to come live in Jerusalem, whilst sorting through my endless cut-outs, papers, printouts, letters and journals, I stumbled across group emails I sent from London about six years ago. I was taken aback by how unabashed, raw and revealing. Though a part of me cringes, another part is in awe of the girl with colourful dreams and a lot of heart on her sleeve. I am moved by her bravery and made aware and saddened by just how shriveled and recoiled she is now. More cynical, more guarded, more cautious.

That’s what I love about packing up. The forced opportunity to go through piles of stuff, the clues and reminders as to who you are now, and the person you once were. Reflection. An opportunity for change.

What’s for sure is I never feel more alive than with pen in hand and within a bubble of music floating and soaring. And when impacting – nothing more numbing than the mundane.

When do you feel most alive and like yourself?

Welcome to my blog, with some of my favourite things.

The quest for: Consciousness. Truth. Authenticity. Vibrant Health. Inspiration. Connection. Adventure. Growth. Read more on the “About” page.

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