Back on Track

An idealist choosing daily to live the life of a resigned pragmatic. “Oh well” no more.  For I long so fiercely for change. To get back on my path. To find my people. Do what it is I am meant to do. Why settle for less?

Yet I am stuck and tangled and unsure how to climb back to air, possibility, flow, adventure  and life. Perhaps  my frustration can fuel change, lasso me in the right direction. And arouse my potential, which is stagnating, dissipating and sinking as I look on in  disappointment.

So many of us are going through the same thing. We bury our passion, or bring it out  just on the weekend.  I say we are meant to use everything we are on a momentary basis. We in the developed world have the luxury to dream. And so we must and we must strive to make our dreams reality. We’ve got to be bold. We have to leap and trust we’ll be caught. We have to be who we really are.

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