As Is

Desperate for a shift. For routine, structure, movement, balance, normalcy, creativity, support and air.

Yet, with all my conscientious efforts to create this, here I am stuck at a dead end. And no signs, which makes it hard for me pragmatically because I believe in signs. And, I believe in not settling for the unsettling.

I resist the lack of flow. Try to make it happen, to force a plan. And still nothing. What am I doing wrong? What energy am I putting out there that is blocking simplicity and revelation? Sigh. The sluggishness of resignation overtakes.

But, I have choice. I can choose to be with this experience. Choose to be tranquil and patient until a solution arises. Choose to believe that life leans toward me, as she says. That things will fall into place in the right time. To still the mental chatter, tune in to the frequency of reality, open my arms up and accept. Infuse with the energizing force of hope.

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