There is so much we overlook in life on a momentary daily basis. We fail to notice the little miracles at every turn and get stuck inside our heads and lives. Life itself is taken for granted, and we go by without the true recognition of how precious each moment is.

But when you hear unexpected news of someone you know in her 20s suddenly suffering cardiac arrest,  you stumble back, look at life again and appreciate its transience.

What a reminder to be alive. We’re blessed with the gift of life, it’s not forever – how can we not run right in, splash around and get busy with living? How can we press the snooze button?

Each of us have a completely original flavour and it’s our responsibility to spice up the world. Let’s start sharing our unique talents. Let’s start treasuring our pulse, all that we do have. For if not right now, when?

From “The Artist’s Way”:
‘ “But do you know how old I will be by the time I learn to really play the piano/ act/ paint/write a decent play?”  Yes…the same age you will be if you don’t. So let’s start.’

Please say urgent prayers for young mother of 3, Jenny Morhaim (Ruchama Sheyndel Bas Henya Gittle Miriam) who suffered a sudden cardiac arrest and brain hemorrhage and is fighting for her life.

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