From the Belly

I was asked to write a little piece on my favourite school memory, and when I sat down to do it today what stood out were many moments of innocent, unstoppable laughter. The kind that leaves you gasping for air – in a good way. The kind we’d all like to do more of.

And yet there is so much to laugh at. Almost everything when we take a step back and see our comical selves on our day-to-day missions taking life and ourselves too seriously – thinking, analyzing, repeating patterns, comparing. Of course our problems and issues are real and not to be undermined  but it helps sometimes to glance again through goggles of humour. Perhaps Stephen Hawkings said it most poignantly: “life would be tragic if it weren’t funny”.

Norman Cousins’ well-known book “Anatomy of an Illness” speaks of the link between emotions and the immune system and how he used laughter to cure himself. And there’s more and more talk of “laughter therapy” and “laughter yoga”. Though I haven’t read the book or explored this form of healing (yet), I do know how glowing, refreshed and alive I feel post-belly laugh. May we all have more of those.

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